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Shared Bib Task Force Final Meeting Minutes

  • Ellen Bishop presented the agenda and will facilitate meeting.
  • Janice Donahue (FAU) will take minutes today.
  • Minutes for 6/17/13 and 7/8/13 were approved.
  • Brian added item to agenda on 856 field.
  • This is the last meeting of the Shared Bib Task Force.

FLVC updates – Ellen and Dave

  • ILS Consolidation August 3
  • FLVC will be moving software to new servers in Tallahassee.
  • There is a new ILS wiki for specific information on the consolidation. Links will be sent out to all of the committees on time line, client, circ, and report information. If anything doesn’t seem right after the consolidation, an RT should be submitted.
  • There shouldn’t be any issues, because university and college Aleph configuration tables are being left up.
  • TimeLine: Report Client will not be available for one week (until approximately August 10). Report client will be down for the week of August 3. Same with test server— Test will not be refreshed until August 10.
  • If Version Check is not on automatic you will need to run Version Check when you sign on.
  • You will need a new GenLoad Client. Go to the Clients Information page on the ILS wiki
  • The Discovery Task Force is going through responses. The vendor presentations will be made available through urls to all committees. The Task Force should have a report to Members Council by September.

SB PDA Task Force on Record Loading and Maintenance - There was discussion of introducing the recommendation of loading the PDA records directly into MANGO to the Collection Development Committee at their face to face meeting in August in Orlando. Susan Heron indicated that Cheryl from the Collection Development Committee is willing to bring this up at the statewide meeting. Ellen requested a vote of the SBTF on the recommendations as presented by the PDA Task Force, and the vote was in favor of the recommendations. The recommendations will be referred to Members Council. Brian: BCDS is in the process of rewriting 4.4.2 guidelines for batch loading. Examples will be available in Appendix V.

Bibliographic Control and Discovery Subcommittee Report on 856 indicators - Brian Brian presented information for discussion regarding misleading display icons resulting from incorrect coding of indicators in the 856 fields. Kim Montgomery and Annie Glerum prepared a Report on Mango e-resources icon display and MARC 856 indicators with suggestions for possible solutions to the current display problems. The suggestions also address integrating resources. The issue is not just a matter of fixing indicators. It is a massive project. Ellen: We will pass the information on to the Mango team programmer. This is one of the issues that will need to continue and be picked up by the TSSC. Annie: an accompanying spreadsheet to the 856 report is being sent to the list.

FLARE update: 300,000 holdings currently in FLARE. Still working on ongoing work flow for sending materials to FLARE.

Phase 1 has been completed, consisting of converting all materials in high density facility, ALF (Auxiliary Library Facility ), so that all have suppressed holdings in the originating library (UF) and also holdings and items in FLARE. Next Phase – program to handle incoming items for ALF or ILF (Interim Library Facility).

In Union Mango you see all FLARE items. For local MANGO, each institution needs to decide if FLARE holdings should show in their local catalogs. Ellen will check about the difficulty of switching decisions once made and implemented. It was further suggested that Test Cat could be used to set up holdings before making a decision. Request the Test Cat setup for FLARE by submitting an RT to the queue.

GenLoad New Version - Daniel After consolidation a new GenLoad version will be required. New Genload will need to be installed on staff computers. The new version will be posted on the staff page and web page. It should be posted by the middle of the week for download.

Data loading Final data loading report will go out from SB in August. Elaine: MARCit! – 10,100 records to be overlaid for MARCit! cleanup UF and USF will each pull 5000 OCLC records for this. The project should be wrapped up in a few weeks.

MARCIVE - Mary Ann A 2nd test load will be turned over to libraries next week for testing. Hope to move to PROD mid-August.

SUS PDA update – Mary Ann Getting specs for shared PDA project for loading records into Aleph. Test load will be in NewTest.

  • Mary Ann emphasized the importance of letting Collection Management people going to August 9 meeting know about this. The CPC reps are very interested in this load. The loading and production will be mid to late August.

SB Task Force priority List Mary Ann is the liaison for the new Technical Services Standing Committee (TSSC). Mary Ann: first meeting of TSSC will be August 5.

Many of the projects of SBTF may be able to be carried on by the work of the new TSSC. Discussion: How to handle moving of priority list projects from SB to TSSC.

Betsy suggested a subgroup of the members of SBTF that will also be on the TSSC could meet and review projects and recommend which ones should continue, which ones are completed, and which might be dropped, if any. The revised list would be presented to TSSC for discussion. The SBTF group discussed this suggestion and agreed to let the TSSC group decide how to handle the carryover from the list of SBTF priorities.

Mary Ann has put the issue on the TSSC agenda. The list of projects can be accessed on the wiki.

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