07/08/13 Notes

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1. Housekeeping – Ellen

  • The agenda was approved.
  • Notes from the last meeting (June 17) are not yet ready (Daniel has since posted them).

2. FLVC Update: - Ellen

  • Mary Ann is the new FLVC Liaison to TSSC which will have its own Wiki and list. They will most likely be open to anyone.
  • ILS consolidation: This continues to move forward and is on schedule and testing has begun. There will be a new ILS wiki with information on the consolidation. There will not be new clients but there may be a new Genload needed. No data will be changed nor with there be configuration changes. The switch will take place on Aug 3 and a downtime of about 6 hours can be expected.

3. Authority Control in the SULs - Sue and Betsy (and Priscilla)

  • The amount of work has proved to be too much for two libraries to keep up with. Because they hope to be able to outsource authority work, they decided to focus on subjects and some RDA related issues. If anyone would like to volunteer to help, they would be very welcome. However, outsourcing authority work is still the best solution. Unfortunately, we won’t know for about a year whether it will be funded or not.

4. PDA Task group- Susan, Trey

  • Just this morning Trey sent out a document that the group has prepared after two months of work with its recommendations. There was discussion of how to move forward and it was decided to send the document to TSSC after our group has had time to review it.

5. FLARE Update - Ellen

  • Everything is going well and their hope is to go live late next week. It looks as though it will be necessary to reconstitute STOCAD or a similar cataloging procedures group.

6. New GenLoad Version – Daniel.

  • They still have not been able to fix the creation of extra ADM records. 2.2.7 has not fixed all the problems. Mary Ann is still seeing extra records being created in Report.

7. Data Loading:

  • a. MARCit! - Nothing to report.
  • b. Marcive loads update –

Mary Ann reported that the files contain numerous file formats and that sorting them correctly and assigning them to the correct location for each university has been complex. It looks like the scripting has been successful and review is continuing of the test load of Aug. 2012 records.

8. SUS PDA update – Mary Ann

  • Coutts was selected to be the vendor of the statewide (consortial) PDA project. The profiling process was fairly complex and lengthy. Mary Ann is working on profiles for those libraries that don’t have them already. When they do, the first file of discovery records will be tested. Each record will have a holding record and item record.

9. SBTF priority list was put off for the next and final meeting (July 29) since this meeting had run long.

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