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Daniel Cromwell - FLVC taking notes


House Keeping

Upgrade Collaborate/Elluminate to v.12.5 -- Discussion of upgrade of Collaborate and its changed interface. There was a short period of exploration of the various tools and settings to figure out how to operate within the interface. [Group]

Approval of Meeting Notes from June 3rd -- Approved

FLVC Update

  • Access to OLD (pre-shared BIB) Report -- Ellen reported that the server will be taken down July 1st. This is a definite deadline to clear up the server for other uses.

  • Consolidation of the SUS and FCS Aleph is moving ahead. There is going to be one copy of the software but two separate user trees which keeps the SUS and FCS Aleph instances separate. July 8th through 19th Test clients will be released to preview/test functionality on the consolidated server architecture. The new Production server will be brought up in August and to the extent possible current clients on workstations will be updated via Version Check for minimal interruption. There are other clients such as GenLoad, ect... that will need to change also. An ILS WIKI will be setup to track the activity. Quality assurance testing for implementing the new servers will be done headed by staff at the FLVC-T headquarter office. There was a question from one institution regarding their Systems staff copy off there Report Aleph instance. It was explained that because of license and Oracle issue copying the database as a working system would not be possible but saving of the BIBs might be possible. (Ellen)

  • Technical Services Standing Committee -- Encompasses all of the SUS and FCS institutions. There will be an FLVC liaison assigned to this Committee. Cataloging and Metadata (CAM) is a CSUL committee will not have official liaisons from FLVC. CAM will meet through July at which time its work will be merged into the Technical Services standing Committee. (Ellen)

  • Legislative Budget Request for Authorities -- Members Council agreed to support the Authorities White Paper for cleanup the authorities and ongoing maintenance. They agreed to support a Legislative Budget Request in support of this work. This was successfully forwarded to the joint Members Council among other things made the cut to be forwarded to the and then to the Board of Directors where it also was kept to go forward. They will now go to the Chancillors and then onto the Legislative budgeting process. (Dave Whisenant)

SUS Shared PDA with COUTTS

  • ITN sent out over a year ago to setup a shared PDA project for the SUS which was awarded to COUTTS. Worked slowed down during the move to Shared BIB but it now starting up again. As of last week we now have the initial file under this project to load into Aleph. Mary Ann is trying to implement setup in accordance with what the PDA group seems to be recommending. (Mary Ann)

SBTF PDA Task Group

  • Last meeting next week. Document created and posted with the charge and decisions/proposals that have been made. Separate records unless obtained by the same vendor. Would have liked to have loaded directly into Mango but that is currently not possible. Document should be finished by NEXT MONDAY. The EOCR loads need to be addressed by a separate group for it is a larger issue with different problems to solve. The document is on Google Drive and can be accessed by anyone with the link. (Susan Heron and Trey Shelton)

Storage Procedures

  • Getting closer to implementing the FLARE ADM. Meeting between UF and FLVC the week (week of June 17th). Doing another test load of Phase I (current trayed material already in ALF). Shooting for a July Production implementation. A group under the Shared Storage Task Force will be formed to discuss Cataloging procedures and it is believed that there will be a CAM representative assigned to this group. (Betsy Simpson)

GenLoad Update

  • The New GenLoad that was recently released that replaces existing items has been found to have some behavioural issues in how the instruction for Item creation or replacing. Another issue with ADMs being created while running GenLoad in Report mode was discussed. At the time of the meeting the issue was just be examined. (Daniel Cromwell)


  • Going through left over problem records. (Elaine Henjum)

MARCIVE Loads Update

  • Doing preliminary setup for test load of Auguts 2012. Need to workout creating additional HOL records without creating duplicates. A Test load should be available soon. (Mary Ann)

YBP TOC Update

  • This has been reported before but just reminded all that the $$5's were removed from the UF YPB TOCs. There was a remaining question about work on removing or replacing the current Status field on these records. They currently have the status text "DO NOT OFFLOAD". This was referred to the Bibliographic Control and Access Subcommittee to determine a new more appropriate string. (Daniel Cromwell)

SBTF Priority List

  • The group looked at the list and early on a question came up regarding how does the new FLVC Technical Services Standing Committee will take over the work of the SBTF. A bit of time was taken looking at documents relating to this group and questions about it.

  • Susan Massey asked a question about the expansion of the OCLC number. Mary Ann answered that she has heard that the expansion will not happen as soon as first thought. We believe that the system will handle the numbers correctly.

  • Susan Massey asked another question about the listservs that we communicate with one another on. There will be a new FLVC listserv for the new Techical Services Standing Committee but the older lists that are currently used are not going away any time soon but may in the future. These current lists may be used to discuss topics and issues affecting the SUS libraries.

  • Question regarding authorities entries on list: "Why divide Update Yes into "Big" and "Little?". Mary Ann reports that it was just the way that she was thinking of it and a way to organize the work to move things along.

Next Meeting

  • July 8th 2013
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