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Housekeeping – Mary Ann O’Daniel

  • Agenda – approval—moved URL Clean-up higher on agenda priorities.
  • Meeting Notes
    • UWF's turn next meeting
    • USF's 05/20/13 Notes- approved

FLVC Update

  • Updated Org Chart for Standing Committees and Task Forces
  • FLVC Members Council on Library Services (MCLS) Report
    • Dave Whisenant—Members Council is meeting June 3. Current info: Members Council will have a liaison to TSSC, which will begin its work July 1. At some point soon after, the SBTF work will transition over.
    • Betsy Simpson – Members Council was informed that SBTF is aiming to disband about mid-July, and there were no objections. Members Council expects the transition from SBTF to TSSC to be relatively smooth for the following reasons: 1) there is overlap in membership between the groups 2) TSSC will assume responsibility for SBTF outstanding issues and 3) TSSC is at liberty to form ad hoc groups, which include non-TSSC members.
    • Charles Gordon – Members Council discussed the Authorities White Paper, and the possibility of funding outsourcing. Members Council approved in principle by unanimous vote the need for vended authority control and will consider including this in the FLVC legislative budget request to go forward for the next legislative session. Timing was discussed concerning the need to include all records for the college system as well as university libraries.

SBTF PDA Task Group – Susan Heron, Trey

The PDA Task Group will meet next Monday to solidify some of the concepts being discussed.

Storage procedures https://sharedbib.pubwiki.fcla.edu/wiki/index.php/FLARE - Betsy

  • Next step will be to transfer all materials at UF that have been “trayed” and move the holdings on those records to the new FLARE ADM. This will inform the ongoing workflow for UF and other SULs that want to transfer materials to FLARE. FLVC is moving forward with testing the ADM for FLARE.
  • CSUL will meet at the end of the week. The CSUL State-wide Storage Task Force draft quarterly report for June 2013 includes an action item: "Request the reactivation of the Storage Cataloging Access Discovery (S-CAD) advisory group that was at one time assisting the SSTF with cataloging issues related to the shared collection (http://csul.net/sites/csul.fcla.edu/uploads/Guidelines_Catalog_Storage_FINAL.pdf). The group would help advise UF and FLVC staff working on the FLARE ADM project (and the SSTF as a whole) on procedures and policies for submitting libraries (including UF libraries) to prepare their ALEPH records when transferring materials to FLARE, to generate statistics on contributed items, and to provide display options for user discovery."

URL Cleanup – Sue Wartzok, John Sandstrom, ALL

  • John Sandstrum: Link clean-up is currently being performed on the college systems’s 1.6 million records (vs. 11.4 million + in the university system). First, FLVC runs a process to retrieve the system record numbers with 856 URLs, exclude the vendor e-books and exclude LC URLs (loc.gov links are usually valid). LC URLs are checked later separately. The resulting input file goes into Aleph service Print-11 to check for failed and redirected URLs. Database maintenance staff at FLVC go through error reports to fix the broken URLs. After a while, broken links tend to decrease. At last check , there were under 200 URLs on the error report. A user-defined Oracle table (Z13U) could perhaps enable sorting URLs by university name for local checking. The downside: Print 11 takes some time to run.
  • Link clean-up was placed on the list of action items to prioritize.

Data Loading

  • Central Loading: MarcIT! files – Elaine – still working on removing USF holdings, more details in two weeks.
  • Marcive loads update - Mary Ann – Getting ready to test load August 2012 records, most duplicate record issues have been addressed that earlier prevented loading. Large gov doc serials may need to be deduped manually by staff in the SULs. FLVC is also taking care of Shipping List records that did not merge on migration to Shared Bib; there are fewer duplicates as more loads progress.
  • YBP TOC update – Daniel – currently removing UF $5 from 970 fields so they will display for all SULs. Will probably complete by Tuesday June 4th. The new 2011 publication file will be added without the UF $5. May need to change STA DO NOT OFFLOAD to new STA $a LICENSED 520 AND/OR 970. Becky Donlan—TOC for 2013 did not get included in this year’s SUL acquisition budget. Issues discussed:
    • STA field may be confusing to staff. STA fields disappear on overlay. Issue to be referred to CSUL CAM Bibliographic Control and Discovery Subcommittee.
    • Mary Ann suggested using:



Donna stated that this format could cause issues for running reports, since dashes and spaces may be inconsistently applied.

  • Meeting adjourned at 4:30. Next meeting is June 17, and remaining agenda items are to be addressed then.
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