05/20/13 Notes

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  • Susan Massey (NF) will take the June 3 meeting minutes.
  • The SBTF meetings are anticipated to continue at least until the commencement of the FLVC Technical Services Standing Committee is convened.


  • An updated FLVC organization chart has been posted. SBTF is subordinate to the Technical Services Standing Committee.


  • The group asked for a month’s extension on its deadline and it was granted.
  • One of the pressing issues was that EOCRs are matching inappropriately to PDA records. The EOCR match is on the 020 field and one proposal was to change all 020s on PDA records to $$z. Unfortunately this would impact collection management/acquisitions, so is not practical. Daniel believes that marking PDA records with a status of Discovery Record would make it possible to ignore these during the match; all eleven schools would need to effect this change on all unpurchased PDA records. Mary Ann O’Daniel had suggested to the PDA task group that the EOCR issue was not limited to PDA records and should be addressed by a more comprehensive group. There was no consensus on this.


  • GenLoad 2.2.6 has been released
  • Serials Solution – the May e-journals are loaded and UFs e-books are current.
  • MARCit – USF is loaded and is cleaning up records with orders; the intention was to replace the 11,000 print records that were overlaid with new OCLC print records, but multiple 856s were found on some these records, complicating the solution.
  • Marcive – the August load is in test; FIU has been scripted.
  • Authorities – LCA10 editing and RDA additions to the tag table are underway.


  • Ellen improved the priority list by reformatting it by status:
  • - Underway
  • - Further Analysis Needed
  • - Needs Prioritizing
  • - Tickets Needed
  • - Seeking Funding
  • - On the FLVC Project List for 2013/14
  • She asked if the group would like to rank the Needs Prioritizing list, but the general consensus was that this was unnecessary.
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