05/06/13 Notes

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  • The agenda was accepted with no revisions.
  • The 4/22/13 minutes were approved.
  • Susan Heron agreed to take minutes at the 5/20/13 meeting since Susan Massey will be unavailable.

FLVC Update

  • FLVC User Meetings are continuing.
  • MCLS meeting is scheduled for June 3, 2013.
  • MCLS is soliciting applications for the User Interface Standing Committee and the Technical Services Standing Committee.
  • SBTF will operate concurrently with the Technical Services Standing Committee for an unspecified time.
  • SBTF update for MCLS is due by 5/20/13. Betsy and Sue will send a draft to SBTF and will include a query about how long SBTF is expected to continue.

PDA Task Group

  • Charge and membership finalized.
  • There is agreement that records will be shared by libraries when they are the same product from the same source.

RDA Task Group

  • Task Group has completed its charge. At 4/22/13 meeting SBTF voted to give the Aleph/Mango RDA revisions top priority.

Data Loading

  • Marcive: July 2012 records are in Production for all. FLVC-T has created a script that provides a workaround for loading files with both new and updated records. The August 2012 records will be loaded using the scripted process. The time frame for loading the e-only records is 3-4 weeks.
  • GenLoad: New version 2.2.6 is almost ready for release. It has an additional enhancement, needed for Marcive loads, which allows the creation of multiple items per 50 library.
  • Serials Solutions e-book records (UF): FLVC is doing clean-up after the initial load of the master file. This will be finished soon, then FLVC will start loading the monthly update files.
  • Marc-It: FLVC is pulling OCLC numbers for the print journals to send to USF and UF, who are going to contact OCLC about getting the records. When FLVC has the records, they'll overlay the print journal records. Any manual changes done to the records before the overlay will be wiped out when the overlay happens.

Priority List


  • Sue recommended that the list be recategorized by status. Ellen will work on this for the 5/20/13 meeting.
  • Sue and Betsy will include a list of priority items in the SBTF report for MCLS.

Specific topics

  • Duplicates: FLVC-GNV is working on a program to combine duplicate records view in Mango. Donna has created an ARROW report of duplicate OCLC numbers. She welcomes input and would be glad to try to accommodate requests for finetuning the data. Helen asked about differentiating non-serial formats.
  • Statistics: Collecting ACRL and ARL stats is complex. Donna would need criteria and suggested SBTF work together to share current processes and establish common definitions if this is an important initiative. Ellen offered to set aside time to discuss this during a future SBTF meeting.
  • FLARE: Sue and Betsy sent an e-mail to the Statewide Storage Task Force (SSTF) chair to request a joint meeting and to suggest SSTF form a cataloging subgroup to work on FLARE workflow development. They will forward the e-mail to SBTF. No response has been received yet.
  • UPD Y: Mary Ann will update the list to highlight the distinction between the little UPD Y project and the big UPD Y project. The latter could have a significant impact on system performance so has to be carefully considered before implementing.

Next meeting: May 20, 2013

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