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  • Today's agenda was approved.
  • Meeting notes: The notes from [| 03/25/13] and [| 04/08/13] were approved.
  • Notes for the May 6 meeting will be taken by UF.

FLVC Update

  • Ellen said that regional user meetings were continuing and that FLVC was working on 2013-14 projects and prioritization.
  • Dave had an update on discovery tools. The task force is working on an RFI, and hopes to send it to Members Council by the first week in May. The goal is to send the RFI to vendors by June, and then schedule demos in July.
  • Betsy asked if this would be done before the Technical Services Standing Committee was established. Dave said yes, and mentioned that technical services people were on the discovery tool task force.
  • Ellen reported on the new hardware in Tallahassee. Aleph software testing will begin this week (both the universities' and the community/state colleges' Alephs will eventually reside on the same server). FLVC is hoping for implementation in August with a very short downtime, and it is hoped that new Aleph clients will not be needed.

SBTF [| PDA Task Group]

  • Susan H. said that the group had met in two sessions so far. Some universities put PDA records in and delete them later, while others put the records in permanently. USF is marking PDA records with the status "DISCOVERY," and UCF is looking at doing the same thing. The group is looking at how to help people loading OCRs. Some in the group want to put 020s in a subfield z, while others have problems with this. USF has taken OCLC numbers off of discovery records.
  • Trey said the group had a draft charge and that he and Susan H. had volunteered to be co-chairs. Betsy suggested that the charge be sent to the list and approved there. This action was approved by green checks.
  • Ellen created a new page so that the group has a workspace. Susan H. asked about Elluminate sessions for the group, and Ellen suggested discussing the matter offline.

SBTF [| RDA Task Group]

  • Brian reported for the group since Jimmie was not available and Annie was having technical issues. He asked if there were any comments on the report that was sent out last week. Betsy wanted to know how we should move forward the requests for action in Appendix 2. A suggestion was made that Mary Ann could slow down on Marcive and get the Aleph tables up-to-date. After some discussion, a vote was called for and the suggestion was approved.

Data Loading

1. Marcive loads update (Mary Ann)

  • Marcive loads are up to July 2012 for everyone but FIU. There are duplicates in the August 2012 file, and discussion on the SUSDOC list indicated that slower loads with more cleanup are preferable to the alternative. Scripted loads should start in PROD by mid-May.

2. GenLoad enhancement update

  • Mary Ann said that the programmer has a fix for updating item records or adding an item record when one already exists, but it still needs to be tested.

3. Central loading: [| Serials Solutions and Marc-it] files

  • Elaine informed us that Marc-it records for USF were loaded in production on 4/22. 11K records were incorrectly merged in Shared Bib and need to be overlaid with fresh OCLC records. A lively discussion ensued about where to get a fresh batch of OCLC records and who would load them. The conclusion was that FLVC would see if they could get the file, and if not they would ask UF. FLVC would also load the file.

Workflow Changes and Discussions due to Shared Bib Implementation

SBTF Priority List/FLARE

  • A FLARE ADM library has been created in TEST, a test client exists, and a conference call will be set up for the end of the week. Donna has asked about reports that will be needed for FLARE items. Discussion ensued. FLARE holdings should be able to be counted for accreditation purposes. Betsy asked about contacting the Statewide Storage Task Force about cataloging issues. Amy suggested asking them what information they need from us. Sue W. will check with Mary Page since CAM is also discussing this topic.


  • Ellen asked if we should change the meetings to weekly, or extend the meeting time. Betsy suggested keeping the meeting schedule as-is and trying not to go over the allotted time.
  • Sue W. asked about the priority list and UPD=Y. Mary Ann will try to come up with a plan, such as "heading of the day." She does not want to work on the "Dept." changes until the indexing queue has cleared out. A Google spreadsheet with headings to prioritize is a possibility.
  • Sue W. also asked about the e-icon in Mango. Brian replied that BCD was working on the issue.

Wrap up

  • Next meeting is May 20, 2013.
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