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  • Today's agenda was approved.
  • The meeting notes from 03/25/13 were not approved due to late distribution. They will be up for approval at the next meeting. The meeting notes from 02/11/13 are still pending.
  • Today's notes are being taken by Sarah Norris (NCF) -- see the Members page for schedule.
  • Notes for the 4/22/2013 meeting will be taken by Jeanne Piascik (UCF)

FLVC Update

  • Duplicate Record Report Form is no longer managed by UNF, but now maintained by FLVC. The functionality is the same, but the new link should be bookmarked. The new link from the SB Wiki page: Duplicate Record Report Form ; UNF will delete the old form as to avoid confusion. To report problems email: duprecords@flvc.org
  • FLVC Library Services User Meetings are going on right now. The Region 1 meeting was Friday, April 5, 2013 and the next meeting is on April 19, 2013. There are five in total, and everyone is encouraged to attend.

TOC Enriched Records from YBP Update

FLVC is working with YBP on an addendum for the license and an invoice will be sent to FLVC. Payments for this will cover TOC enriched records through the 2011 set. The group discussed the status of this project for future TOC purchases. At this time, UF is the only institution actively purchasing TOCs. The group determined this should be a consortial purchase and should be discussed via a statewide committee (possibly Members Council) to discuss feasibility, funding, etc. The group also noted that there are some technical issues that would be need to be addressed should the funding for this project be approved.

Data Loading:

1. Marcive loads update - Mary Ann

The July 2012 GPO records have been loaded into Production except those for FIU. FLVC is working with FIU on specs and will load their records soon. FLVC-T has created a scripted Aleph process that is much more efficient than the current process done through FLVC-G. This process will be utilized for future loads. The August 2012 GPO records have been loaded into Test with this scripted Aleph process; however, there is a large amount of duplicates. The duplicates are a combination of full records with OCLC #s that did not merge properly and duplicate shipping list records. FLVC will look at ways to resolve said duplicates or work around them.

2. Genload Enhancement Update - Mary Ann

The new Genload is working correctly to overlay existing item records. FLVC tested Marcive & Genload; Genload was not creating a 2nd item for those records where a 2nd item would be needed (e.g. print & e-holdings). FLVC states that with moving to Aleph this process won’t be an issue, but things do need to be worked out through Genload. FLVC will send out the new version of Genload once these issues are resolved.

3. Central Loading: Serials Solutions and Marc-it files - Elaine

FLVC notes that this should soon be resolved. A method has been devised for Marc-it records to be loaded into Aleph. Testing is being done now. Once global changes to be done in Aleph are finalized, the bibs can be loaded into Aleph. This should happen in the next week. The UF e-books replacement file from last fall (which included 450,000 records) is currently loading. Once these are loaded, FLVC will do post-database cleanup. They are targeting the end of April to finish the updates.

SBTF RDA Task Group

Jimmie Lundgren was not on the call. Betsy Simpson and Elaine Dong reported briefly on the progress of this task group. Once the final report is submitted to the SBTF, due April 15, the group can discuss further. FLVC added the interim report to the wiki for SBTF members to read in the meantime.

Workflow Changes and Discussions due to Shared Bib Implementation - New Standing Agenda Item

1. SB Wiki Pages for Sharing Workflows in the Shared Bib Environment

On the shared workflows page there was a list priorities list that the group worked on at the last meeting. The group continues to discuss this.

2. PDA Records: possible long-term solution - Sue and All

A possible solution was posed regarding PDA records and was discussed before going back to the priority list because the solution had the possibly of shortening the priority list if discussed beforehand. However, after much discussion from various SULs, including UCF & USF it was determined that the Task Group for PDAs should continue to discuss and address these issues and report to the SBTF. This agenda item will now be removed from future general SBTF meetings but will be reported to the larger group by the task force.

3. SBTF Priority List - Betsy, Sue, All

Priorities relating to Mango:

  • Fixing the Mango Display of e-icons:

The Mango display currently displays an e-icon for records that contain 856 fields. This was previously discussed at length through the OPAC Subcommittee, but is still an issue that has not been resolved. Though it was determined that this is not the highest priority task, SBTF members felt it still needed to be addressed. The consensus was that it needed further discussion & analysis; the BCDS will discuss it and report back to SBTF.

Priorities relating to authority control that will make workflows more efficient and support facet display:

  • Implement UPD Y:

This issue has been discussed at length for a quite some time now. Originally, this feature had problems, but changes have been made since the release of version 18 and beyond that will make it more reliable. There has not been an opportunity to test and implement to see how it affects indexing and to determine what technical impact it may have on the authority file. It will need to be tested record by record. FLVC sees this as a two part project. The first part is considered a legacy project and the second part will need FLVC priority.

  • LCA10 Editing:

LCA10 project is a legacy project from Shared Bib.

  • Funding for Authority Maintenance:

This refers back to the CSUL Authority Committee White Paper but now needs to be taken back to the deans and through the Members Council.

Priorities that will standardize data and facilitate editing:

  • EHolmes will inquire with Ebrary:

Ernestine reported that Ebrary cannot change ISBN subfields for specific ISBNs in a record. All records either have to have a subfield a or subfield z. Further analysis and discussion is likely needed for this.


It was suggested that the group meet every week instead of every other week due to the lengthy biweekly meetings which routinely go over scheduled times. Items on the agenda often get tabled until the next meeting due to time constraints. It was noted that the agenda can be re-arranged to address skipped agenda items.

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