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March 25, 2013 [draft]

Shared Bib 3:00 pm-4:45 pm

1. This week’s minutes: FSU

  • Next meeting: NCF
  • February Minutes still outstanding as of time of meeting (UWF)

2. FLVC Update (Ellen) Upcoming user meetings. There was a notice sent out about these meetings from the FLVC update. The first meeting is being held on April 5th. Please send Ellen an email if you are not on the FLVC list. Repeat report from last week: Don Muccino is the new Director of FLVC.

3. Data Loading MARCIVE production loads. Loads have been done for 5 (6?) schools. Currently working on the FIU specs. The Tallahassee office is working on other scripts. The 019 and 074 fields are now being brought in for incoming government documents. “Do Not Offload and $5 fields are being deleted from gov doc records. The purchase of TOC for everyone is being negotiated. The technical specifications are largely done. Again this involves removing $5 and Do Not Offload. Question: are other contents notes (505) considered duplicate information on these records? MARCIT! is close to having the final specifications done on global changes. There is a loader set for the Serials Solution e-books.

4. GenLoad enhancement (Daniel) GenLoad item replacement works. There is the question of whether we want to continue to add items automatically with acquisitions records. More GenLoad soon!

5. SBTF RDA Task Group (Jimmie, Betsy, Sue) The Task Group is working on the interim report. They could use some feedback from the former members of the OPAC subcommittee on display issues. Jimmie says the group is great!

6. Workflow Changes and Discussions due to Shared Bib Implementation (New Standing Agenda Item) (Ellen)

  • The SBTF Priority list is being set up by Betsy and Sue. We need to decide which ones are RT matters, which ones need further discussion and consensus from library staff, something to be listed on the wiki page, or needs an official Project Request Form. Projects of high priority already underway.
    • There may be a need to create a project plan for some.
    • Projects that are legacy issues need to be identified.
    • There are big items needing further analysis and consensus from the libraries.
    • Send an RT for your institution.
  • From Dave W.: the State Colleges have updates for the bibliographic catalog. They could force certain changes but are more likely to wait a month until the new version of Primo is released. The updates should be there.
  • Priorities on Batch Loading: we would like to keep P_90 and Genload from overlaying records with Discovery record status, but couldn't agree on how to accomplish this.
  • PDA records present a particular problem. They cannot just be loaded into Mango because one or two institutions want their Collection Management staff to search in Aleph.
  • There needs to be a wiki page for tracking TOC project, Mary Ann will work on this.
  • Meanwhile, vendors still don’t get it. In ebrary, some ISBNs are valid, others are not. Coutts sometimes places the ISBNs in the 024 field and sometimes in the 020 field. Since the mistakes aren’t consistent they cannot be fixed via a global change. Ernestine H. will inquire about ebrary’s policies and procedures.
  • Lengthy discussion about de-duping in Mango. Short answer: the de-duping that formerly took place in the union catalog took place in Aleph, not Mango, and will not work from a single-database source. There is no automated way to de-dup the database. What we can look forward to: manual cleanup (Donna can run some reports), possible but unlikely work in Mango catalog for OPAC de-duping, merging of records that should take place in a shared discovery tool, and the implementation of Bibframe. ??
  • Submitted by Amy K. Weiss, FSU, 4/8/13 [draft]
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