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Meeting Notes:

  • FGCU’s turn to take notes. Becky Donlan will take notes for today’s meeting.
  • FIU will be responsible for taking meeting notes for the next meeting, which will take place on March 11 at 3 p.m.
  • Agenda: The agenda was approved.
  • The minutes of the February 11 meeting have not yet been submitted; they will be submitted for approval for the next meeting.

FLVC Update:

  • Ellen reported that Cory Stokes has been selected as the new Executive Director of FLVC. The January 28 meeting link has materials including his resume (http://files.flvc.org/pdfDocuments/communications/boardOfDirectors/Stokes.CV.pdf). No start date available yet.
  • FLVC has a position posted on the UF job site for Coordinator of Digital Library Services, a new position, which closes on March 13.
  • Dave reported that Members Council for Library Services meets this Thursday and Friday.

Data Loading: Marcive Loads Update:

  • Mary Ann O’Daniel reported that the shipping list weekly brief records are being loaded by the Tallahassee group for FIU and USF. They are converting it into a new load process. They ran into a technical issue being able to create item records and as well as issues with ExLibris’s record loaders. John Sandstrum’s group scripted the process and it is now working quickly. Those of you who have worked with Marcive loads in the past know that it is a complex process, because the way records load depends on 074 fields, whether it is online, micro, print, and GPO has had various cataloging practices in the past. Currently, they are following best practices in cataloging different formats on different records, but they did not always do that. UF is a full depository receiving in all formats, and they have a full map library with special cataloging. Trying to protect all that data in existing records in a shared environment means there have to be many compromises about things. With all the complexity and having to change the loader that we’re using for the GPO records, they are not making the March 1 deadline, but are aiming for a March 11 deadline, and in parallel with Tallahassee aiming to load July 2012 records by March 11th. UWF and FGCU specs have been developed and approved; UF specs are still being worked out. The long-term project of loading e-doc only records for all libraries is still waiting because the print libraries have 8 months of records backed up that need to be loaded.

Central Loading:

Serials Solutions and Marc-it Files:

  • Ellen Bishop reported in Elaine Henjum’s absence that SSOL loads are up to date through February and FLVC-G will continue monthly loads until FLVC-T is ready to being scripting. Next month SSOL ebook record analysis and specs for UF will commence.
  • MARCit! Service for USF update: cleanup, analysis, and planning complete; test load scheduled for 2/28 and full production load scheduled for end of March.

Genload Status and Genload Profile Clearinghouse Spreadsheet:

  • Once FLVC has less than 10 open, we are going to take it off the data loading report that is submitted to the deans each week. Daniel reported that they are down to 15 profiles. Not much done on them while Mary Ann is working on Marcive and Daniel is working on another big project but he is hoping to work on them more this week. They aim to have a turnaround of 2 weeks. Ellen reported that they are working with a programmer on GenLoad and are working on some enhancements. Betsy asked if item overlay is a planned enhancement and Ellen answered that is one they are investigating.

SBTF Update for Members Council:

  • Betsy Simpson pointed out the SBTF update page on the wiki and asked for reactions. Sue Wartzok added that another point that should be added is how we will retain stats in automated reports for items transferred to statewide storage. Ellen shared the link to storage from the CSUL site: http://csul.net/content/statewide-storage-task-force-0. If there are no responses to the Update, that is what will be sent forward. Betsy asked for checks to confirm approval.

SBTF RDA Task Group Update:

  • Jimmie Lundgren reported that the task group sent a summary of what they worked on last week. They focused on creating their charge and compiled a summary with a list of new fields in RDA with comments about what is shared. The 260 field is to be replaced by the 264 for publication information. There is a rule in the PCC guidelines but the 264 was not available during RDA testing, so when you look for examples, you will see only 260s, which is going to be confusing. The 33X fields should be easier to deal with. Brian is looking at fields in Aleph context. Sue Wartzok had a question about specific 3XX subfields translating into Mango icons; Daniel was uncertain. Susan Massey wondered if the group would be putting their work on the wiki and Jimmie said they would be issuing a larger report on the wiki. Next week we will look at RDA in the context of the OPAC and discovery system. Look at Aleph find choose WCV 040E RDA and you will get many RDA records.

Workflow Changes and Discussions due to Shared Bib Implementation:

New SB Wiki Pages:

  • Sharing Workflows in the Shared Bib Environment there were no new additional workflows this week.
  • Amy Weiss noted that they are still working out kinks with vendors so they are not ready to share workflows yet, and appreciate the processes that others have shared. She also noted that this might explain why there have not been too many procedures posted yet since others are likely facing the same problems.
  • Sue Wartzok noted that deduping fields is less of a workflow issue than a problem; student workers used to load records but now they have higher-level staff doing that work. Ellen wondered what FLVC could do to help reduce duplicate fields and asked if others had the same problem. Betsy offered to post their workflow to the wiki. Ellen offered to add how to deal with duplicate records to the wiki page as well.
  • Naomi noted that the serials group has been hung up about how to get workflow going because of the MarcIt! cleanup, and duplicate fields are a huge issue for serials.
  • Daniel talked about how fields are protected—depends on how the record comes in, Connexion or GenLoad. Ellen asked if this is an area we could revisit and tweak; Daniel noted that Aleph tab_merge could be used for special types of loads; Connexion for one-off is still used, but large loads use GenLoad which doesn’t have field protection per se but we have strategies to be sure we aren’t removing fields but it’s not that precise. Susan asked about Tags to Protect on Overlay https://sharedbib.pubwiki.fcla.edu/wiki/index.php/Workflows_for_Duplicate_Fields_in_Bib_Records document and whether that could be addressed in GenLoad, Connexion, and other loaders.
  • Helen Laurence shared information about ProQuest MARC record changes. Lexis/Nexis URLs will work only through Summer 2013. http://proquest.libguides.com/marc . If you do not want to delete and reload there’s a series of search and replace step. We should consider reviewing in a coordinated way to prevent duplicate fields or similar problems.
  • Sue Wartzok noted that global changes are taking a long time as well as some Arrow and Aleph reports. She will post the specific reports that are running slow.
  • A small group that includes Kim Montgomery will create space on the SB wiki off of the Data Loading page for collaborative work and sharing of information for vendor records. After the Blackboard/Elluminate wiki refresher sessions today, Kim will work on creating the wiki pages.

There are wiki refresher training Elluminate/Blackboard sessions: with Lisa Tatum this Tuesday 2/26 at 2:30 P.M. and Thursday 2/28 at 10 A.M.

Topics/Groups Update from Groups Proprietary Records Working Group:

  • Kim reported that the group sent a message to the various listservs asking them to prioritize any of the collections/vendors. Betsy noted that many of the entries in the spreadsheet were marked as not proprietary. Kim replied that in many cases libraries had not kept records of the agreement and made guesses as to whether the records can be shared. Ellen added the link to the spreadsheet that needs to be prioritized on the Proprietary Records Working Group wiki page. Susan wondered about deadlines; ASAP if possible. Also wondered about the Cambridge Books Online set. Becky and Kim thought this was the psychology set loaded a few years ago. Kim pointed out that reclamation put OCLC numbers into proprietary records that did not have them and this has been creating false matches.

Wrap up/Next Meeting: March 11, 2013

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