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Meeting Notes:

  • UWF’s turn to take notes. Since no representative from UWF is in attendance, the next on the list is FAU.
  • UWF will be responsible for taking meeting notes for the next meeting which will take place on February 11 at 3 p.m.
  • Janice Donahue (FAU) will take notes for today’s meeting.
  • Agenda: The agenda was approved and the minutes of the January 14 meeting were approved.

FLVC Update:

  • Ellen Bishop announced that Donna Alsbury is back at FLVC.
  • Interviews for Executive Director of FLVC were last Monday-Wednesday. Candidates and resumes and schedules are on the FLVC webpage “Board Meeting Information” under Agenda and Materials.
  • The next Members Council on Library Services meeting is February 28-March 1.
  • The Shared Bib Task Force will be able to keep its elected co-chairs (Betsy Simpson and Sue Wartzok), and will retain its rotation schedule for note taking for meetings. Final approval of these housekeeping issues will come from the Executive Committee at its next meeting on February 13.

Update Manage-33: Daniel Cromwell reported on status of Manage-33. It is an Aleph service used to delete bibs and all associated parts of a record. FLVC will lock down Manage-33 to prevent inadvertent deletion of bibs and associated records. If an institution requires deletion of bibs using Manage-33, the procedure is to first run this function in non-update mode, and if nothing is attached to the record(s), create an RT in the CAT queue requesting that FLVC review the log created in non-update mode; then request that Manage-33 be run for you or request that it be opened up for institution use after 5 p.m. Dave Whisenant mentioned that at CCLA Manage-33 is never used because it is an unsophisticated function. CCLA always uses the item-11 function.

Daniel explained that Item-11 is another Aleph service that can be used if you have item records. It is a more sophisticated mechanism, because it goes through a checking process for other holdings linked to an item, and if an associated record is identified, it will stop its process. Item-11 can be used to delete HOLs, then bibs, if nothing is attached. However, you must have a file of item records.

Authority Reports:

  • Donna Alsbury reported that the authority reports in the SB test environment were okay and backlog loads will begin this week starting with the early June 2012 loads.
  • Mary Ann O’Daniel said that it may be another month before she can begin working on setting up editing for LCA10. UPD Y is on the to do list and must be done in 2 phases: change headings en masse and turn on UPD Y record by record. The testing process will include the UPD Y headings flip. This has not been approved yet as a project to work on by the Executive Committee. It is not considered a legacy project.
  • The plans are to load authority files as they are received, including RDA records with changed headings, which will begin coming through after March 4. Loads will not be put on hold.

Questions raised: How will the Authorities Subcommittee proceed? What is the role of the White Paper? What about the proposal to outsource authority control? Response: The Authorities Subcommittee is a CSUL group, which will be helpful as a resource for FLVC staff. FLVC can assist CSUL committees and subcommittees, but the FLVC work must go through the Members Council. There are also projects on hold for the Colleges for which resources must be committed, and FLVC is operating without a permanent Executive Director. (Clarification) Prioritizing Status of Projects. The decisions are made by the leadership at FLVC. The four prior organization, FCLA, CCLA, Facts.org and Distance Learning have been merged into one organization, FLVC. FLVC is still organizing and prioritizing projects.

FLARE update: Daniel Cromwell: There is a meeting on February 7 with UF and FLVC to work out display and discovery strategies for FLARE. FLARE currently is not a visible reality in MANGO. UF currently has an interim facility for shared storage. FLVC testing in Aleph still needs to be done on procedures for handling storage until the permanent facility is operative. There should be more information after the February 7 meeting. Question raised concerning statistical count for materials sent to storage if Memorandum of Understanding includes signing over ownership of materials to UF. Response: Ellen encouraged everyone to find out what each institution’s level of commitment is to FLARE. Her understanding is that the materials will be counted for the institution providing the material, but the ownership will be to FLARE. Aleph Procedures for Withdrawing Materials for FLARE can be found on the SB wiki per Mary Ann.

SBTF RDA Task Group: Jimmie Lundgren has agreed to chair the group. Becky Donlan will serve on this group, and more members are needed. Contact Sue Wartzok or Betsy Simpson if you would like to serve. The charge for the Task Group will be posted to the SBIP list. The group would like to begin working within 1-2 weeks. You do not have to be a Shared Bib TF member to serve on this RDA Task Group. It is open to anyone with interest. The SB wiki can be used by this group, and it will be added as a standing agenda item to SBIT sessions, per Ellen.

Data Loading:

  • Central Loading of Serials Solutions and Marc-It files - Elaine Henjum: The November monthly update is completed. The December files are being pre-processed for all 5 institutions. The time-line is posted on the wiki.
  • GenLoad status - Daniel Cromwell: 18 requests are still open; 93 requests have been approved.
  • Marcive Loads - Mary Ann O’Daniel: For Shipping Lists, FIU and USF will be going to the Tallahassee service desk for these loads. To request support send email to servicedesk@flvc.org. The Colleges will continue to go to the service desk in Tallahassee for support. All others should continue to use the current help desks using RT except for the Shipping List.

Workflow Changes and Discussions Due to Shared Bib Implementation (New Standing Agenda Item)

  • FAU: EOCR Workflow discussion – Helen Laurence, Maria Berenbaum and All

Ellen: When you move to SB there will be issues of duplicate records. It is a great idea for everyone to post their workflow to the wiki. If you don’t know how to post, send to Ellen, and she will post it. Betsy forwarded comments to Trey Shelton to ask how UF handles EOCR workflow. Daniel: Daniel agrees that it will take longer to do things now, and that manual intervention is necessary. It is difficult to have successful matching because of ISBN/ISSN match points appearing on records for varying formats. Amy: Problem is EOCRs merging with e-records and print records because of same ISBNs. ISBN/OCLC number is inadequate as a match point. Mary Ann: Hierarchical matching to distinguish between different physical formats was not successful. May need to return to this issue. Daniel: As you continue to use the EOCR process we hope more things will match up correctly. Remains to be seen. Ellen: p-file-90 can be run in non-update mode and a report generated.

The remainder of the agenda was deferred until the next meeting, because of the late hour. It was agreed that the next meeting will be held on Monday, February 11 in order to complete the remaining agenda items. At the February 11 meeting the schedule and frequency of meetings will be discussed further.

Adjourned at 4:35 p.m.

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