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The agenda was accepted without additions and the minutes of December 17 were accepted.

As of this meeting the committee changed from the Shared Bib Implementation Team to the Shared Bib Task Force (SBTF), with 10 SUS members, three FCS members, and Ellen Bishop and Dave Whisenant facilitators. The existing meeting schedule, LISTSERV, and WIKI will continue to be used.

Betsy Simpson and Sue Wartzok were chosen to be the co-chairs. A Member Council liaison has yet to be assigned.

The Shared Bib Task Force Charge is:

  1. Complete the SUS Shared Bib project.
  2. Identify issues related to access services; discovery and discovery tools; and inventory control associated with the shared bib environment and make recommendations.
  3. Coordinate with FLVC staff and other task forces and report to the Executive Committee.

Dave Whisenant is overseeing the selection of a new discovery tool. He expects that a consultant will be needed as well as a special task force. Any major new projects will have to be approved and planned before proceeding. Permissions for updating LCA10 to facilitate authority work has yet to be implemented.

FLVC update: the interim Executive Director issued an update memo (https://sharedbib.pubwiki.fcla.edu/wiki/images/SharedBib/1/1f/FLVC_Members_Council_Update_-_January_2013.pdf) to outline the current progress, plans for the future, and proposed committee structure. ILS consolidation: an FLVC group is meeting to discuss various proposals to meet the legislative directive to have one LMS. Personnel: all of the FLVC librarians were reclassified to Coordinators of Library Development and Services except for Donna Alsbury, who as a tenured faculty member reverted to UF. There is a FLVC position, System Report Specialist, which is presently open and Donna has applied.

The Members Council Standing Committees outlined in the FLVC Executive Update memo will begin to meet in July. How these will interact with the CSUL committees is yet to be determined. Some overlap is expected.

Data loading:

GenLoad: The original list of GenLoad profiles has been completed, but new profiles continue to be accepted. Currently approximately 30 are extant.

PDA: loads are currently put into Aleph. Whether this will continue is undecided.

Serials Solutions: the full reload for the five subscribing institutions is complete. The November, December, and January updates have yet to be loaded. The first two should be done in two weeks, the last in three weeks.

MARCit!: analysis is being done and specifications written. The complete load should take place the first week of March.

Marcive: data loading automation process is being done by Tallahassee staff. The shipping list records for FIU and USF will be loaded the last full week of January. These have to be done before the monthly loads since the latter often update the SLS records. A test load has been done in Aleph Test. Emails with record numbers will routinely be sent after loads. The monthly loads will be more challenging and information is now being gathered. Item records will be loaded for all Marcive records in order to simplify maintenance. Anyone who is not currently on susdoc-l can subscribe at listserv@lists.ufl.edu or email Mary Ann at modaniel@flvc.org.

Metadata Subcommittee report: TSPC in December approved the latest additions and corrections to the cataloging guidelines. A suggestion was made to coordinate large dataloads, but at present we don’t have a way to record and track these. UCF has offered to try to set up a database for the SUL.

RDA: CSUL has not given any direction on how RDA should be handled. A suggestion was made that a small group should look at the issues, e.g., indexing, global changes, etc. Whether it should be under the aegis of SBFT or the Cataloging, Authority, and Metadata Committee was not settled. Any substantial new projects would require approval at the Member Council level. It was unclear exactly what would be a new project and what was simply a routine RT request. FLVC suggested submitting RTs to demonstrate examples of issues.

Due to some members attending ALA on January 28, the next SBTF meeting will be rescheduled to February 4.

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